3D Modelling and how it came together.

So you’ve been tasked with creating a 3D model of whatever you want, you’re all out of ideas and don’t really know how the software works, what do you do?


Create a computer of course! It’s the easier than modelling something from memory and you presumably are using one to run your 3D modelling software so if you get stuck you don’t even have to move or minimise the program for help or reference as it’s right in front of you.

This is the scenario I was in a week ago, i’d only ever attempted 3D modelling once before in college and all I remember from that time was the massive headache it was to get anything done. Yet this time, since I chose something easy that I could see in front of me, it was a breeze. Once i’d figured out how to move the camera that was.

Honestly, the keyboard was the trickiest part but once i’d figured out how to bend the 3D shapes to my will, all I had to do was match it up to the very keyboard I was working with at the time.


Even without the letters you can clearly see it’s the basic shape of a computer keyboard and all it took was one flattened cube and a lot of copy/pasting. Next I added lighting.


The cones highlighted in white lines are the light sources and how the light spreads across the 3D structure. I used the “Target Light” option as to better control the way the light is positioned on the object. Which by adjusting can ether lighten or darken the area on which the light falls.


Next with help I used a 3 step process of drawing a line, adding a circle and then using the sweep effect, grouping the previously mentioned steps into a group with the sweep option to create the wire for the mouse which I constructed before hand using a capsule tool as the body and the buttons for the mouse.


Which becomes more apparent as you zoom in on the mouse itself. I even altered the colour of the flattened cube the mouse is sat on to resemble more of a mouse pad.


Once all the different elements come together and the final version is realised, then you’ll really be able to see how well it all relates. Overall, to say I had no prior knowledge or experience with 3D modelling then it’s not been all that difficult, it’s been challenging but not impossible. No matter your skill level, anyone should be able to figure something out and produce a product worth mentioning.




Who needs beauty when you have creepy?

IZombie. Until like 3 seconds ago I had no idea that this show even existed. Okay okay, I lied, I found out about it yesterday night which is weird considering zombies are just another aspect of fiction (Unfortunately) that I love.

Now i’m one of the first to advocate for zombie rights, or I would be during the apocalypse. Who needs grenades and machetes when you can have the savage powers of the undead, and lets face it, even the down side of eating brains would have its perks. If I can be positive i’d happily commit to drinking blood if I turned into a vampire, then I’m pretty sure i’d commit to eating brains as a zombie.

Anyway, IZombie. I’m only on episode 5 of my marathon of the first season and its pretty safe to assume that I won’t be sleeping tonight ether.

Imagine you’re the only one of your kind, what would you do to survive? Because let me tell you, Liv, the main character has a pretty nice set up. I don’t care what you say, but working with dead people and having a steady supply of food is a damn sight better than working with living people and having to murder people to eat. The less contact one gets with humans the better. Especially as a kick ass brain eating zombie.

Other perks to zombie-ism is the radical change in your natural hair color. Albino skin and hair with no chance of tanning and no sign of freckles? Sign me up. I’m naturally pale anyway except for my arms and it’s the perfect “Screw Societies beauty standards look”.

Oh and serious red eye, like popping of the blood vessels kind. That’s right, when Liv goes full zombie as she likes to call it, her eyes change to a deep crimson color. Normal or not, that’s always been one of my dream eye colors. Sucks that I instead have a very mild form of Heterochromia due to neck trauma caused by my unusual birth and a different eye color than my entire family that change shade and hue depending on the light conditions but whatever. You get what you get i guess.

The white hair thing is extremely appealing to me, as I was born with the same hair color as the person that I unfortunately share half my damn DNA with. I-Unlike my brother-Wasn’t blessed with my mums hair color. Things would be so much easier if I’d have been born blonde like them. I’d have dyed my hair gray or white years ago.

Back to the show. It also has a villain or a antagonist zombie who seems like he’s going to be a villain, I like his character a lot. He’s the sort of zombie I’d be. Cunning, witty and willing to take full advantage of any new found abilities. He’s harvesting brains somehow and selling them off like designer drugs to people he turns into zombies. Which is a great way to force people to buy your brain related products. There’s no other market for that kind of business and not every person has what it takes to survive in a world where they have to hunt people to eat, so by selling the brains off at high prices and insuring no one else takes advantage of the growing market value in human brains then, you can ensure a very loyal consumer basis.

Did I even mention the personality shifts and visions you get from consuming anothers brain matter? No? Well well well, if the cravings don’t get to you, then maybe the perks will.

The visions are triggered randomly, but you get to see details of another persons life, such as how they died or what they did in life before they died. So, consume the mind of someone you hate and BOOM, you get to see their death from their point of view… Okay maybe that’s a little too morbid but there are a few people whose brains I’d eat if I was part of the undead just for that viewing material.

Take that Casey from High School, the last thing you’ll ever be is eaten by the girl who you wanted dead. Revenge is best served cold is it not?

The other perk is that you inherit personality traits from the brains that you eat. For example, you eat the brain of an artist. You gain the ability to draw like them, see the world like them and experience life in a mindset that you’d never have been able to otherwise. Just don’t eat my brain, I don’t consent to any hungry zombies taking a bite out of me until i’m fully dead. Although considering i’m also an organ donor, if you’re the person cutting out my organs after I die and you are a zombie then have at it.

Personally, i’d people watch until I found someone worthwhile and eat their brain. Or perhaps, if I was a zombie and it was common knowledge that we existed, then a brain cafe would be good.

A brain cheese burger? Brain ravioli? Coffee infused with gray matter? It all sounds so disgusting but I bet it’d be a huge hit. Kinda like Ms.Lovetts pies but better and less cannibalistic but more undead. It’d be like Halloween everyday or at least a Tim Burton movie.

Damn.. Did I just talk myself into the apocalypse? Ah hell, I’ve always been pro apocalypse.


They’re singing about cooking people into pies! People. Into pies. Morbid but genius. The only problem is that on a scientific stand point, cannibalism isn’t actually worthwhile. It provides next to no nutritional value and no one really wants to eat humans. No one sane anyway. Despite all my harking on about how awesome being a zombie would be and the cool perks that eating brains would give me, it’s not like i’d actually enjoy it.

In reality, brains freak me out appearance wise. I’ve seen brain matter up close too although it was only from mice and it’s disguising. Don’t ask me how or why I’ve seen it, there are some things about owning a specific kind of pet that are best not to know. Besides that, who hasn’t seen road kill? Brains are just about the only organ that makes my skin crawl, assuming we’re talking about what you get inside the human body.

Until the inevitable apocalypse however, i’ll have to stick to my contacts and Halloween I guess. Although my zombie walk and groan were nailed years ago. Roll on the day that I can fake my organs falling out and I get the chance to stumble up the road freaking out some kids who think Halloween is all fun and games.

Newsflash, it isn’t.






What is Cahootify?



Welcome back to my blog, readers. Today we’ll be covering Cahootify, what it is and how you can use it.

“Cahootify is an online project portfolio and team-forming platform for the creative production industries. We exist to help you make projects happen.

In return for someone joining your project Cahootify allows you to offer whatever you wish – be that cash, profit-share points, expenses, “love and learning” or chocolate. We call that flexiconomic.

We’re working hard to make Cahootify incredibly simple to use, whilst also giving you the power that you need.” – Cahootify.com

Cahootify is an online website that allows you to create portfolios and build teams for the creative production industries. (TV, Film, Video). You can also use it to showcase your skills and crew productions.

“Cahootify is for people who are committed, engaged and up for making stuff happen. People who know what it takes to build a career in the industry, are prepared to get on with it, and are seeking others to work with who match their commitment and professionalism.

People like you.” – Cahootify.com

Like all media platforms Cahootify connects millions of its users with others around the world, you can link your account to your social media accounts, to maximize your possible audience.

The site allows you to upload videos to your account and share them with anyone who is watching you. In a way, its similar to YouTube in that sense. You share videos and your followers can watch them.

One element to Cahootify that is similar to the event system on Facebook is the Projects With Needs section of the site, it allows you to post information on a project you might be working on for others to find and can get in touch with you if they can help with your project.

Cahootify is mostly like YouTube, whereas you can upload videos and receive feedback on your work. The website will also promote the project ideas for you for free.

The main aim of Cahootify is to create a professional online identity, while  social media are usually used to keep in touch with your friends, such as Facebook and YouTube, they can be used to aid your professional online identity.

At it’s core, Cahootify can be used for three things:

  1. To create a project portfolio. Tell people who you are and show them a prime selection of projects you’ve worked on. Credit people that you enjoyed working with – this helps them along, of course, but it also helps you along – people are more likely to get in touch if they know someone that knows you.
  2. To form teams / crew your productions. Post a project that’s in progress and the roles you still require to make that project happen. Also show who’s already on the team because people enrol people.
  3. To seek opportunities. Look for roles on other people’s projects – paid or collaborative.

The website is free to sign up to and has no subscription fees, however the website does allow payments to be chosen between users for work, so payment is tailored to suit the parties as they decide what happens.

Despite already having a solid set up, they have many more plans to further their business, and here is the list of features that they plan on introducing to Cahootify in the near future:

  1. Organise and categorise your list of saved profiles.
  2. Share a project with paid-up members only and also be able to view these projects.
  3. Limit who can see a project to particular individuals or categories of people from your list.
  4. Create a hub of selected associates who can communicate and share projects privately with each other.
  5. Share the management of a company profile.
  6. Share the management of a project in progress through light touch communal discussion and simple task assignment.
  7. Take advantage of a contractual framework that looks after things like profit-share points between team members.
  8. Crowdfund your projects.

Cahootify also fills in a gap for jobs in the media industry, not only is it easy to navigate but you can create professional accounts for people who plan to hire others or personal accounts for if you want to be hired.

Cahootify have said “Cahootify is for people who are committed, engaged and up for making stuff happen. People who know what it takes to build a career in the industry, are prepared to get on with it, and are seeking others to work with who match their commitment and professionalism.” When asked about who they think would use the website.

Basically anyone who will put the effort into their work and wants to be involved with media and film, has a place within the Cahootify community.

Cahootify allows for people to connect and work on projects together, when you need someone else to come and work with you on your piece. It consists of people working on their projects that hire, and people that look for projects to be hired by.

Share-ability, relevance and updates. These are the boxes you need to tick to make sure you’re successful so if you’re making relevant things that people like and can share on a regular basis then you shouldn’t have any problem. And if your updates on social media can relate to Cahootify profile then you’ll be away; promoting yourself in a professional manner, linking people to your profile, getting yourself recognized and chances of being hired raised and lots more.

You can also promote yourself via social media in many different ways, such as group chats and pages on Facebook to Hashtags on Twitter which is a feature even Cahootify uses. These are all valid ways f getting yourself out there and spreading your work around in the digital medium.

If you go onto the Cahootify Facebook page, it will give you plenty of opportunity to meet other users who like you, want to get their work out there and shared among the internet.

When you add the projects that you’ve worked on and  completed the project, you are able to add that skill to your profile. For example, Photography. This will be listed in green, the tags that aren’t show that you have not demonstrated that skill in a project. This skill will then appear on your profile, for everyone to see what you worked on, and will allow you to view projects based on your experience with media. This image shows how you can personalize your portfolio and alter how others view it. The site is really easy to navigate around and there aren’t many buttons to press so you won’t find yourself confused or lost on the site.

Overall Cahootify is a great online platform for your professional online identity to use and get your work out into the world. It provides many opportunities that can help you gain knowledge and experience. Not only that but using Cahootify with other social media platforms can really be a handy method of increasing your audience and reach for others to find.

If you enjoyed this blog post and want to see more or a just a horror fan in general, then please check out the rest of my work at: https://directoranderson.wordpress.com/

Alice: Otherlands

Alice: Otherlands will be the third installment of American Mcgees psychological horror video games about a teenage Alice, travelling deep into wonderland and the insanity which lies within.

So far, the funds for the 3rd game in the (hopefully!) trilogy has yet to be raised. American McGee’s Alice and Alice Madness Returns (First and second games respectively) were visual delights with haunting soundtracks that stays with the player for years after his or her initial play through.

“Rendered in beautiful 3D animation, Alice enters the “Otherlands” of London’s most beautiful and terrifying minds.” – Kickstarter.

Now just imagine Alice travelling through the minds of the most notorious people in Victorian London, from Jack The Ripper to Queen Victoria. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

The kickstarter to date has already raised $222,377 which is currently over the original goal of $200,000. But as Tesco always claims, every little helps. Now, i’m not telling you to donate, because you don’t have to but spreading word of it around is always helpful.

Wouldn’t it be just the perfect Christmas gift to fans of the series to learn that the 3rd game is in development?

Kickstarter To Raise Funds

If the idea of Alice In Wonderland with a dark and disturbingly horror twist appeals to you, yet you’ve never stumbled upon the first two games, be sure to check out their trailers, or forever miss out on some of the best takes on the original story out there.

Trailer for American McGee’s Alice

Trailer for Alice Madness Returns


Interactive Horror Game F.T.Freddie Caplin

Interactive Horror Game

A short, hopefully bug free point and click horror game that Freddie Caplin and I worked on, it isn’t as interactive as we hoped it would be due to time restraints and my lack of Microsoft Office, however it should work with little issue.

Freddie Caplin is a fellow horror blogger, if you enjoy what I do here, then take a look at his blog too, you might enjoy it.

Freddie Caplins’ blog

Madoka Magika [Spoiler Alert]

Few people could argue that Alice In Wonderland isn’t a trip into a world of the bizarre and quite possibly, a messed up drug trip. As rumour has it, a drug trip is exactly what spawned the sheer crazy story. However, even fewer people can give you an example of a show that takes the Alice In Wonderland syndrome and throws it back, better than the original story does.

I am not one of those misguided many who believe Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole is the best of the many adaptations and/or original ideas spawned by the same concept. It might have been the original, but it just isn’t the best anymore.

In the decade or so that i’ve been an avid anime fan I’ve learnt a few things. The Japanese know their shit when it comes to insanity.

Alice falls down the rabbit hole but she returns home unchanged by her strange adventure in wonderland. What if I told you, that I know of a show where the character never breaks free from the Wonderland they’re trapped in?

This is where Madoka Magika comes into play. If you haven’t already, go and watch the video at the top of this post and you tell me whats going on. Back? It’s pretty hard to isn’t it?

That ladies and gentlemen, is an example of how dark the series can get. While that video focuses primarily on the character Homura, who by all means is one of the driving forces surrounding the entire plot, there are many dark scenes that don’t involve her.

However as she’s probably one of the most interesting and quite frankly my favorite anime character of all time, i’ll focus on her.

When we first see Homura, she’s a girl who seems to know a suspicious amount of detail about Madoka (The protagonist). There is an air of mystery about her, she seems to always know what the other characters will do and seems to know what is going to happen in the near future. To say the anime is actually a magical girl series, it’s not too surprising that she seems to have powers.

What is surprising, is when it’s revealed that she’s trapped in a constant time loop. She knows so much about the other characters because she’s lived the events of the last month repeatedly multiple times, all in an effort to save Madoka. The girl you could easily argue she’s in love with.

Everything, from Homura’s decision to travel in time the first time around to her decision to warn Madoka away from anything other than a normal life, all comes from the pain and grief she battles with from having to see the girl who at first was a friend and a mentor, then her only love die at the hands of an un-defeatable evil over and over and over.

Now, you could watch the series and say that Homura is only so obsessed due to how close they were when Madoka died in the original timeline. How Homura is only trying to save her because they were best friends. But dear reader, I urge you to re-watch the show and this time keep your eyes open for the entirety of it. Did you miss the part where Horuma actually rewrites the laws of physics and alters the universe just to keep a false image of Madoka and their friends alive?

Did you see Horuma’s fall into the darkest depths of insanity over how she couldn’t save our pink haired protagonist? Or how she lured Madoka in by the false promise of letting her save Homura from her own insanity, only to trap her at the last possible second and pull Madoka into the depths with her? Did you even watch the show?

Yes, there isn’t a single moment in the series or movies where Homura actually states that she’s in love with Madoka, but if you actually watch the series you’ll see it.

Homura is downright obsessed with the girl that no matter how much she tries, she just can’t ever have. It drives her to lose her mind and rewrite reality. And by the end of it, even in all of her broken darkness and shattered insanity, Homura refuses to be saved, she embraces that which all characters are terrified of. The ultimate fate for a magical girl. I won’t ruin it by telling you what it is, but it’s by far the worst thing in the series to become.

Each character is driven by a goal, each of which we see them never achieve.

Madoka is probably the only one who achieves anything and even then, it requires a sacrifice so great that it wasn’t worth it in the end. Madoka erases her own existence to become a god and stop anyone ever suffering the fate that all magical girls do.  In the end, there’s only one person in existence who remembers her. Homura, who by this point has become a demon.

In a way, they’re comparable to God and Satan. Except so much better. Homura fell from grace and lives in her own hell, a world without Madoka, while Madoka rose to the level of a god and doesn’t exist in the material world. Both can rewrite reality, both are the driving forces of not only their anime, but also their universe.


For an anime that had been sat on my watch list for years, which I never even expected to enjoy; then I was beyond blown away. I watched the entire series and all the movies in one sitting, tears streaming down my face from episode 3 to the very end of the last movie.

Homura’s insanity is my favorite kind. It’s not only dark, tragic and fragile but it’s also addicting, poetic and beautiful. See, for a long time i’ve loved to watch characters break on screen, I have an obsession for the deepest parts of the human mind, the darkness inside of people. It’s practically my forte. I’m hopelessly in love with characters who’ve been broken beyond repair. Characters who have no moral compass. The characters who do the unexpected. The villains, the anti-heroes, the evil characters.

Characters who are evil for the sake of being evil bore me. Villains who just do bad because they’re the villains are cheaply written. But characters who’re driven to the darkness inside them? Now that’s like nicotine to me.

Humans are such complex beings that to see them portrayed so effortlessly on screen, especially those who don’t fall into the “norm” is always a delight. Especially since the “norm” these days is to be faker than a supermodels.. Well everything.

It always leaves me wondering, where are all the real people, or do they only exist in our imaginations?